Should my business use remote monitoring and management software?

If your small business is not already taking advantage of remote monitoring and management (RMM) software then you should strongly reconsider that position. Any business which relies on its information technology infrastructure for daily operations will likely be able to use RMM software to improve their business’s cyber security, increase productivity, and reduce costs!

Unlike some upgrades, which may require major changes to your hardware or disrupt daily operations, adopting this technology is a straightforward process when you work with a managed IT service provider. This article will explore the ways that your business will be able to benefit from investing in remote monitoring and management software.

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What is remote monitoring and management software?

Remote monitoring and management software is a resource which gives companies the ability to manage and monitor their entire network, and all of the computers connected to it, without requiring physical access to each device.

Your IT department will be able to use the software to remotely connect to your team’s devices in order to diagnose and correct problems, as well as perform routine maintenance.

The Benefits of Remote Monitoring and Management Software

The benefits of remote monitoring and management are numerous – but can be summed up briefly: enhanced cyber security, increased productivity, and cost savings.

Enhance Your Small Business’s Cyber Security

RMM software makes it easy to implement cyber security improvements across your entire organization, without requiring the time consuming and laborious process of physically traveling to each device.

Central Access Control

A tremendous advantage offered by RMM software is the ability to access and manage every device across your network. This allows you to seamlessly make changes to company wide security policies as necessary – without the time and expense of attending to individual devices separately.

Automatic Updates & Patches

RMM software can automatically roll out updates and patches across your network, ensuring that no system is forgotten when an important security update is released. Keeping your computers and networks updated is one of the most important ways to protect your business from cyber attacks.

Endpoint Protection

RMM software offers the ability to secure the endpoints of your network with antivirus software, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems. Since the policies and updates are handled centrally, you avoid the risk of an unprotected system going unnoticed and serving as an easy point of attack for hackers and cyber criminals.


Increase Your Business’s Productivity While Saving Money

RMM software is a fantastic way to boost your business’s productivity while simultaneously saving money. It can be hard to separate the productivity enhancement from the cost savings, as the two benefits often stem from the same key features.

24/7 Monitoring From Anywhere

One key benefit of remote monitoring software is the ability to keep track of your system performance at all hours of the day – even when you’ve left the office. When small businesses are able to track their system performance over time, they are able to identify potential issues long before they become critical.

Automate Routine Maintenance

RMM software helps small business owners automate many elements of their network maintenance, including updates, backups, disk health checks, and system reboots during off-peak hours. The overall effect is that there is a reduced load put on your IT department, allowing your current department to focus on more important tasks.

Reduce Need For On-site IT Support

A RMM allows your company to reap the benefits of on-site IT support without the associated overhead. Instead of waiting on technicians to arrive, your team will be able to get real-time remote support for computer woes and be able to return to work more quickly.

Minimize Downtime

By staying on top of updates and being able to see in real time how your system is performing, it is easier to see problems long before they become serious. Instead of dealing with issues once they’ve reached a tipping point, you will be able to see issues on the horizon and make changes.

Just like for our own health, diagnosing and fixing IT problems before they become serious is quicker and cheaper than the alternatives!

Expand Your Talent Pool

Traditionally workplaces have relied entirely on in-office workers, but more and more businesses are reaping the benefits of remote work. A remote monitoring and management system makes it easy to onboard remote workers and provide them with the resources they will need to succeed.

By making it easier to hire remote workers, your business will be able to bring on new team members without necessarily needing to invest in a larger office space and you will gain access to a global pool of applicants.

The Benefits Are Clear – Why Wait?

Implementing remote monitoring and management software in your small business is a smart investment which will provide numerous benefits. RMM software not only enhances your organization’s cybersecurity but also increases productivity and reduces costs.

If you’re ready to start taking advantage of RMM software, the easiest way to implement it is to work with a managed IT service provider. Your provider will help you install, configure, and run your RMM software, as well as provide your business with ongoing remote technical support.

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