Proactive Security on a Monthly Budget

Take control of your home network security with Bristeeri Technologies. Our new monthly service plan takes the best of our residential IT services and provides them for a flat monthly fee, as low as $20 per month!

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What do you get with a monthly service plan? You can get..

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  • Antivirus and antivirus software updates 
  • Firewall management 
  • Home network security and management 
  • Online data backups 
  • And more!
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Why Go with a Monthly Service Plan?

Many of our services are great if you’ve already had an issue with your system. But if you don’t want to wait until a virus or hacker gets into one of your computers, then consider getting a proactive monthly plan with Bristeeri. With proactive measures in place you’ll have a secure network to protect your computers, several security measures in place (including firewall and antivirus), and online backup to count on in case emergencies happen.  

Even better, you’ll have the experts and Bristeeri Technologies managing your system the entire time. You can have the peace of mind that all your security and backup measures are up-to-date and calibrated for your home network needs.

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It’s like insurance for your computers at home.

We Protect Your Home Network So You Can Browse Effortlessly

Modern homes are connected. From our personal computers to our thermostats, today our homes are becoming smarter and faster. But with more devices, comes more security risk and IT headaches. We at Bristeeri Technologies want to be your personal IT department, giving you peace of mind and helping you browse effortlessly.

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Five Spheres. One Mission.

Bristeeri Technologies offers full service support for a low monthly fee with our Managed Services Program. Let us be your personal IT department! Ask us which level would be best for you. 







What People Are Saying

We have needed Bristeeri’s services twice in the past year. Both times, they delivered excellent hardware solutions for our problems. The first time, my laptop had Windows 10 issues, so they replaced the hard drive with something more compatible. Since I teach online, this saved me a lot of trouble… see more

Jeffrey Leatherwood

Friendly, Professional and Very Helpful! They were able to retrieve my personal pictures from my pc when it broke, after another local company I went to said it couldn’t be done. Reasonable prices and prompt follow up on the status via calls. Highly Recommend!

Kat Allen

Outstanding sales and service consistently for several years. They know what they are doing, and do it so very well.

Marjorie Trifon

Back when I had an older laptop with many issues, they fixed it several times. When it finally bit the dust and I was ready to invest in a high-powered work-horse of a desktop (and a new mobile laptop), they walked me through my options…. These people definitely know what they’re doing, and don’t take advantage of that knowledge to steer people towards making a higher sale… I wouldn’t take my machines anywhere else at this point to be perfectly honest… see more

D.E. Belton


What We Do

laptop and desktop repair icon

Laptop Repair / Desktop Repair

More Info

Bristeeri started out as a repair shop and expanded from there. But we haven’t strayed from our roots. We offer premier repair services in the Columbia area, including repair to malfunctioning or damaged hard drives, motherboards, screens, monitors, and more.

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Virus and Spyware Removal

More Info

Viruses and malware can be a problem, and they can strike when you least expect it. When a virus strikes, it can damage crucial files in your system, delete your private information, or start to monitor and steal your network communications for sensitive information. Partner with Bristeeri to ensure your malware tools are always up to date and ready to prevent a breach. 

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Data Recovery and Backup Plan

More Info

We use Cloud Backup Solutions. Why? Because a cloud storage backup allows you to put your data in a place away from your home, in cases of disaster (consider the 2015 South Carolina Flood). If something bad happens in your home, your data is safe off-site.
Also, data stored in cloud servers typically lives on a dedicated computer with multiple drives and redundancies in place so that, in case of an issue with the hardware, your data remains safe.

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