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Data backup is a crucial aspect of any business solution. If you are a small business owner in the Columbia, SC area, then consider looking into Bristeeri Technologies and our managed and secure data backup solutions. 

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Why Data Backup?

Data is valuable in today’s business world, and chances are that your business relies significantly on customer data as part of your business model. But like paper records, digital data is susceptible to damage, loss, and theft. 

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For example, did you know that 


1.Hard drives can fail almost immediately after purchase, and have a much higher failure rate after 5 years? 

2. Moist or wet conditions, or sudden exposure to magnets or electric surges can corrupt or erase a hard drive? 

3. That many hard drives don’t have built-in encryption for security purposes? 

So, it probably isn’t a good idea to count on your local computer to store all your critical data. At minimum, you should have another copy of all that data at an external location.


Cloud Backup Solutions for Small Businesses

The best way to do this is to have business backup solutions for all your data. This involves an automated backup solution that provides easy backups to an external location without you having to micromanage the process. What better way to do this than through cloud backups? Think of it: 

  • You can back up your computer’s data right from your hard drive to the cloud using your existing internet connection.  
  • Cloud servers are maintained in a safe location, often with redundant hard drive security so that if hardware fails, your data remains safe. 
  • You can access cloud data from anywhere: it doesn’t get lost in a closet like an external hard drive, and you can typically download it from anywhere.  

That’s not even mentioning the rise of ransomware attacks. 

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Cloud backup gives you safety, security, and peace of mind for all your critical business data backup needs. When you have a managed and comprehensive backup solution in place, you can not only back up critical business data, you can also backup entire system configurations. So if your PC, Mac, or Laptop die or are hacked, you can wipe their hard drives and install your old system as-is without a break in productivity. 

Don’t think you have to settle with Bristeeri… our solutions are suitable for enterprise cloud backup needs as much as small businesses. So you are always getting secure and reliable backup for the cost. 

Types of IT Support Solutions

We provide an extensive list of business-focused IT services intended to take the burden of your technology setup off your shoulders, all while providing the security, support, and ease of use that you expect.

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Bristeeri Technologies offers full service support for a low monthly fee with our Managed Services Program. Let us be your personal IT department! Ask us which level would be best for you. 






Bristeeri Offers the Best Backup Solutions for Small Businesses

When you sign up with Bristeeri Technologies, you can get expert support for your data backup needs. Bristeeri Technologies provides business cloud backup services geared for the Columbia, SC small business person in mind. 

We know how important it is for small businesses in Columbia, SC to maintain their data, and we know it is even more important for business owners to focus on their business, and not on their data. That’s why Bristeeri can provide managed data backup to the cloud that keeps your data safe and your mind on your business.


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