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Bristeeri Technologies can help you plan, install, and optimize your security camera system so that you record the areas that you need to protect, and that you keep a digital video record of those recordings in a safe place. Best of all, you can have this system in place without being obtrusive. 

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New security measures for local businesses include digital security cameras and recordings. You don’t need to have an extensive CCTV system laid out for your business in order to have reliable security. In today’s technological context, you can put together wired and wireless cameras, digital DVRs or NVRs, and your already-existing Local Area Network to have a dependable security solution. 


Wireless Cameras and LANs

New security technologies have progressed in such a way that wireless security cameras are now available at most electronics dealers. Which is great, because it makes it so that almost anyone can have basic security in place. 

But if you want real security for your business, with a dedicated security system that will provide the peace of mind that you need to focus on your work, then call Bristeeri. We can help you decide on the kind of setup that is best for your needs and the needs of your business. We can consult with you on a range of topics related to your security, including: 


  • Using wired or wireless security cameras.  
  • How to connect your cameras to your local network. 
  • How to secure your network so that your security system cannot be disrupted. 
  • How to connect your security system to a recording solution.
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With all of these considerations at play, it’s best if you have someone experienced to help you understand all the relevant aspects of your security system.

Types of IT Support Solutions

We provide an extensive list of business-focused IT services intended to take the burden of your technology setup off your shoulders, all while providing the security, support, and ease of use that you expect.

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Bristeeri Technologies offers full service support for a low monthly fee with our Managed Services Program. Let us be your personal IT department! Ask us which level would be best for you. 






DVRs and NVRs

Not all recording media are created equal. And, if you are here, we are going to assume that you aren’t looking to record camera footage on a VHS tape system.  

Bristeeri Technologies can help you hookup your new security system to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or a Network Video Recorder (NVR) for optimized video processing. DVRs and NVRs offer different ways to process and store high-definition video and Audie directly off your networked video cameras. We’ll help you decide what kind of storage you want, how much of it you want, and what kind of timeframes you want to record. 

For example, with the right software package, you can stream real-time video to an HDTV and store the 12 hours’ worth of video on a local DVR. Or you can set up multiple NVR units that can take up to 24 hours of the previous recording in 4K resolution. Depending on your needs for detail and record-keeping, you can basically set up your security cameras how you like. 


Bristeeri Can Help You Keep Your Place of Business Secure

Don’t sacrifice quality when it comes to business security. Sure, you could try to install wireless cameras and record video to a computer in your office, but why? You lose out on extra security features and reliable storage, not to mention comprehensive coverage. 

Bristeeri can help you install internal and outdoor security cameras with the right networking and storage to make them work right. Call us for a consultation, so that we can help you design your new security camera systems.


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