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If you are running a new, growing, or established business, you probably need to start thinking about your IT solutions. Bristeeri Technologies has helped businesses small and large throughout the Columbia, SC area find the right technology for their operation. We are an IT Services company committed to providing custom solutions for our clients that maximize uptime, guarantee top-notch security, and allow you to focus your business capital and efforts on making money.

Critical technology is crucial to your success. That’s why we’ve spent our time and energy making sure our services align with the goals of Columbia, SC businesses. With that in mind, you can trust us to ensure that your business doesn’t suffer downtime. We provide programs that include 24/7 network monitoring and preventative IT maintenance so that you can focus less on your technology and more on business goals that will make you successful.

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Types of IT Support Solutions

We provide an extensive list of business-focused IT services intended to take the burden of your technology setup off your shoulders, all while providing the security, support, and ease of use that you expect.

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Managed IT Services

When it comes to mission-critical services and tech support, it’s best to leave the controls in the hands of the pros. Bristeeri Technologies offers managed services like managed Anti-Virus software, IT system monitoring, and system and software updates. These background security and upkeep issues can be difficult to manage if they aren’t planned out and monitored on a regular basis, and Bristeeri Technologies handles all the work so you have a healthy, secure IT system.

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Network Management

Your internal network doesn’t take care of itself. When things get slow or break unexpectedly, count on Bristeeri Technologies to manage your network system. We’ll run tests and perform maintenance to ensure that your network runs quickly, reliably, and securely. 

Data BackUp

Data loss is a huge problem for data-reliant companies. Do you backup your data? Do you just put it on a cloud drive or some external hard drive you have in a closet?  

Data backup is crucial if you need to maintain extensive data related to your business. This isn’t just a backup in case data is lost: oftentimes, if security or integrity issues arise, having snapshots of data can make a huge issue a relatively easy one to manage.  

In any case, your business should have a data backup plan in place. We can provide large volume data storage for mission critical data, and we can also back up laptops and other workstations so that, if any problems come up, we can restore your devices easily.

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Voice Over IP

If you are using a phone system as an integral part of your business, then consider switching from traditional phone to Voice over IP (VoIP) calling. With VoIP, you use your existing internet connection for incoming and outgoing calls. This allows you to integrate your software solutions, IT support, and phones into a single system for maximum efficiency.  

Bristeeri Technologies can help you set up and install a VoIP system specifically designed for your needs. 

Security Cameras

Bristeeri can also help you design and install a security system that takes strategically placed cameras and ties them into a digital network where you can view, store, and replay surveillance footage from anywhere in your business. Store video to a DVR device and see who has been in and out of your business to deter theft and other crime.

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Help Desk Service

Dedicated technology outfits might find themselves with high demand for IT support services, without the staff or infrastructure to support it. Don’t worry! With Bristeeri Technologies, you can purchase a la carte help desk hours to compensate for demand. What does that mean for you? It means that you can buy hours of support, route calls to our call center, and we’ll help your customers with their IT problems while you focus on expanding your business.

IT Services in Columbia, SC 

Bristeeri Technologies is a local, veteran-owned technology services company in the Midlands of South Carolina. Whether it’s security, managed IT services, IT support, help desk support, or data backups, Bristeeri Technologies provides your business with the support backbone it needs to succeed. 

 Call us to set up a consultation, get a quote, or simply find out more about our services. 


What People Are Saying

We have needed Bristeeri’s services twice in the past year. Both times, they delivered excellent hardware solutions for our problems. The first time, my laptop had Windows 10 issues, so they replaced the hard drive with something more compatible. Since I teach online, this saved me a lot of trouble… see more

Jeffrey Leatherwood

Friendly, Professional and Very Helpful! They were able to retrieve my personal pictures from my pc when it broke, after another local company I went to said it couldn’t be done. Reasonable prices and prompt follow up on the status via calls. Highly Recommend!

Kat Allen

Outstanding sales and service consistently for several years. They know what they are doing, and do it so very well.

Marjorie Trifon

Back when I had an older laptop with many issues, they fixed it several times. When it finally bit the dust and I was ready to invest in a high-powered work-horse of a desktop (and a new mobile laptop), they walked me through my options…. These people definitely know what they’re doing, and don’t take advantage of that knowledge to steer people towards making a higher sale… I wouldn’t take my machines anywhere else at this point to be perfectly honest… see more

D.E. Belton

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