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Bristeeri seeks to provide the best technology and IT support for Columbia, Lexington, Blythewood, and everywhere in between . 

About Us

IT Consulting for Over a Decade…

Bristeeri Tech started out in 2006 as.a Computer Renaissance operated by Brian Jefferson, a local Columbia, SC business man. Initially selling computer equipment and cables, Brian envisioned his business helping residents of Columbia save money while getting the services they needed for their computers and laptops. As needs changed, so did Brian’s services: his retailer operation quickly expanded to included software management and IT support solutions.  

It was during this expansion that Brian decided to step away from Computer Renaissance and start his own business. Bristeeri Technologies was born.

Using the experience he gained in IT and computer services, Brian expanded Bristeeri to cover all sorts of computer needs for local Columbia residents. In 2016 he further expanded his offerings to include Managed Services for business and residential customers in the Midlands.

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What Does “Bristeeri” Mean? 

“Bristeeri” is word created by Brian’s parents, Paul and Nancy Jefferson. “Bristeeri” is a combination of the first three letters of the Jefferson Siblings (Brian, Steve, and Erin). Because family is so important to Brian, he wanted to have a name that reflected that fact. 


The Experts at Bristeeri

We believe that true experts never stop learning. This is especially true in technology, where changes seem to happen overnight. That’s why our technicians are required to attend continuing education classes on the latest topics for the software, hardware, and equipment that we service. That’s why we also partner with the most cutting-edge companies providing services in security (Sophos Intercept) and operation systems. 


M-F: 9am – 6pm
S-S: Closed