7 Deadly IT Sins

7 things we do that create computer problems


Today, we live in a world were almost everything we do is online, everyone is connected. The majority of our time is spent on a computer of some form, from a cell phone to a desktop and everything in between. We bank online, we pay our bills online, we shop and we hire plumbers online. Many of us even find our spouse through an online dating site, using a computer device of some kind. With all that time spent operating these devices you would think we would know more about how they function, but most of use do not understand how they function or share the data they collect.  This may not seem like a big deal to you, thinking to yourself, I seem to get by just fine with out any concern or harm. But are you really? What if I told you the majority of your computer problems were caused by… you? GASP! But do not worry, our friends over at Sophos have collected all the data and figured out where we fail ourselves online the most. They like to call these the & Deadly IT Sins.

Faulty FireWall
The last item we will add to this list is ALWAYS run your updates. Whether it is your operating system on your cell phone or a security patch on your router, make sure you update all of your hardware and software so it is in the best possible working order.  If you ever need assistance updating your software, securing your WIFI or Encrypting your files remember Bristeeri Technologies. We are your local IT experts for both the home and business. Call us today for your free network assessment and say good bye to computer problems.