VoIP Phone Service

If you are managing an office with a lot of phones, or with employees who use the phone for most of their work, then you should consider getting VoIP service. With VoIP, you can integrate your phone line with your software and internet connection, so that you can leverage even more information regarding your customers and the activities of your employees.


What is Voice over IP (VoIP)?

Normal phone connection come in through copper wiring and link up to your phone via analog signals and electrical current. VoIP is different in that it connects your incoming phone line to your digital network. So, you have  

  1. Voice: Your phone line. Typically, when you see the term “Voice” used instead of phone, it signals that the phone line is over a digital connection. 
  2. Over Internet Protocol: “Internet Protocol” or “IP” signifies the method and technologies used to transmit data over digital networks. This is the basic protocol that runs the Internet.  

So “Voice over IP” is simply a phone line that transmits over your local digital network. There are a few great benefits for using VoIP instead of a traditional phone line. For example, calling over your Internet connection is much more reliable and clearer because the audio uses digital encoding and broadcast. Furthermore, if you have a dedicated VoIP service, you can typically (depending on your provider) link up with your VoIP over any secure Internet connection and make a phone call. 

Internet Phone Service for Integrated Businesses

The biggest benefit of having VoIP for your South Carolina business is that you can integrate your phone calls into your network and your software. With VoIP, you can get really awesome perks like  

  • Recorded voicemail alerts that get emailed to your work email address. 
  • Easy call recording, tracking, and routing throughout your business based on the incoming number, the intended recipient, and (if applicable) other factors like how the call lead was generated. 
  • Centralized calling in and out of your office: connect office-located phones and your employee’s mobile phones. 
  • Make teleconferencing and video conferencing easy by tying in employee IDs, phone numbers, and conferencing software. 
Person dialing a phone number on a VOIP phone

If you are running a business that relies on your accessibility, or if your staff make and lose money based on their time on the phone (like a call center) then VoIP is what you want.  

Types of IT Support Solutions

We provide an extensive list of business-focused IT services intended to take the burden of your technology setup off your shoulders, all while providing the security, support, and ease of use that you expect.

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Let Bristeeri Set Up your VoIP Service

Bristeeri can install and service most VoIP systems and providers. We have partnered with, and recommend, Cytracom specifically for their ease of use, excellent customer support, and experience in the field. If you want to go with Cytracom, great, but if you want to go with another major VoIP provider like Fortinet, then we can also help. 

Give us a call to see how we can help your business connect to the rest of the world.


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